106 is the New 90 at Westward Heights Care Center!

PictureMany people offer advice on how to live longer. One of the most commonly heard pieces of wisdom is to continue acting young. Play, be active, and don’t stop challenging your mind and body. Well, Leola Reschke is a testament to this. This year, she turned 106, and what was her birthday wish? To ride a 4-wheeler!

But first, Leola started her celebration by having a party with her friends at Westward Heights, as they shared cake and memories. Later, her family and friends joined in to celebrate with her. While everyone was present, opened her gifts. One particular gift was a matching shirt and visor that proclaimed, “106 is the new 90.” She donned these pieces with pride as she next took her 4-wheeler ride. And she didn’t ride just any old version—she took her birthday ride in style in this Polaris Side-by-Side! K2 News from Casper, Wyoming filmed the whole event for their news that evening. Finally, she watched the news program as she was recognized for her celebration of another year and her vivacious approach to life!

Just as she was last year after riding a horse for her 105th birthday, Leola is already making plans for turning 107!

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