The management has always treated me more as a person than just an employee. They’re always very understanding, and I feel I am able to be open and honest about any struggles I may be having. Management always seems to have a smile on their face, and they don’t breathe down my neck to make sure I am getting my job done which I appreciate. I have also received compliments from management when I do a good job. I haven’t experienced such compassion from people in their positions since I’ve even begun to start working anywhere 8 years ago. Westward Heights really helps people improve rather than tear them down.

I always thought the management was different from any other place I worked. Very caring and approachable.

Everyone is doing their best to build good work morale, good care, and stay flexible and have fun at work. Everyone becomes a family, and they are working together to get things done.

Family serving family atmosphere. Genuinely care about team members and residents. Do their best to make it a great place to work and to live.

The residents. They are always so comfortable around you and make you feel like you’re so important. They always welcome anyone that comes through the door and makes sure they are okay, they will ask you how you are and make sure you’re doing okay.

I think what makes this company unique is we all work together as one BIG team, and not too many places will work together as one team. That’s how business can fail is by not working together and possibly attitude as well.

Everyone we hire has a very caring attitude. I enjoy the fun special days and meals we plan!!

Treating coworkers and residents as family. It means a lot to be able to be connected with all these people to promote dignity of life for all parties.

PRN employee. When I’m home I go back to work and it’s like I never left. They always make me feel like family.

It truly feels like home, for the residents, for the staff, for the administration. I always know I can find the help I need when I go to work.

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