News: December 0

Major Expansion Underway at Westward Heights

May 7th was an historic day at Westward Heights! A ground breaking ceremony announced the beginning of a 20,000 square foot expansion of the care center. Plans to expand the center have been underway for the past three years.  The original building was opened in 1978 and there have been some small expansions and extensive […]

106 is the New 90 at Westward Heights Care Center!

Many people offer advice on how to live longer. One of the most commonly heard pieces of wisdom is to continue acting young. Play, be active, and don’t stop challenging your mind and body. Well, Leola Reschke is a testament to this. This year, she turned 106, and what was her birthday wish? To ride […]

Care Conversations make diffucult decisions easier

Care Conversations™ is about people working together toward a shared goal. Through information and guidance, Care Conversations helps people connect with loved ones, health care providers and industry professionals. Care Conversations provides insight into the care planning process and firsthand accounts of various care experiences. With the understanding that each person’s situation is unique, multifaceted […]

Care 911: Finding care during a time crunch or crisis

Sometimes unexpected circumstances, distance or a lack of resources can escalate a situation to one of immediate need or crisis proportions. A hospital may catch you off guard with plans of a discharge. Regardless of cause, you’ve got to find a care solution fast. Personal obligations or out-of-town coordination further complicate the situation. Fortunately, there […]

Early signs that care is needed

How do you know if you, a loved one or a caregiver needs assistance or relief? Learning to recognize the early signs of need for a loved one or symptoms of caregiver stress will assist you in evaluating your or your loved one’s needs. While everyone is different, there are common considerations that you can […]

Caregiver Checklist

The following checklist will help you identify your care needs. With this information, your health care provider can help you customize a care solution. Click here to view Checklist. […]